Portfolio Update: beingAI and Coolstar Technology

Dec 6, 2022


beingAI has created the world’s first transmedia and autonomous AIbeings™ that serves as an intermediary between the physical and virtual worlds, which aims to build long-term trust and interactions with humans.

beingAI integrates the disciplines of the arts, psychology, artificial intelligence and interactive storytelling to create Zbee, an AI character with a set of values, ethical standards and empathy. It is scheduled to be used in holographic displays, tourism in Spain, Metaverse Miami and jewelry retail chains.

The company’s long-term goal is to penetrate 35,000 stores, recruit 100 million members, and use their interactive data to provide deeply interactive recommendations to further drive monetization.

Coolstar Technology

Founded in California in July 2014, Coolstar Technology is a fabless semiconductor company. The company has successfully secured three rounds of funding and has established solid partnerships with foundries and tier 1 customers. With its proprietary transistors and cutting-edge circuit designs, Coolstar has demonstrated breakthroughs in power management solutions and succeeded in delivering the highest efficiency in the smallest chip size possible.

Coolstar’s innovative solutions will be widely used in IoT, mobile devices, cloud data centers, and any other places where power and wireless connectivity are required. Coolstar’s technology delivers significant power savings, extended battery life for mobile devices, and billions of dollars in energy cost savings for cloud data centers, ultimately contributing to a greener planet.