Highlights from the 2022 Future Commerce

May 20, 2022

The Future Commerce is an event hosted annually by Business Next to inspire and connect start-ups and industry leaders to galvanize dialogue on business transformation through effective and innovative solutions. The event highlights the topic – ‘Beyond Infinity’ for the year 2022, encouraging businesses to seize opportunities that arise from the cross-pollination of ideas.

The Future Commerce Award is considered to be one of the premier awards in innovative businesses in Taiwan. This year’s list of winners include companies focusing on finance, retail, healthcare, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). As the pandemic created a landscape of digital and AI transformation, many companies now embrace more modern forms of business engagement and interaction. As an investor, we are also committed to shaping tomorrow’s world by enriching our insights from the conversations with these solution-oriented teams including RAI TechnologyUbitusGEOX and Super 8 through the event. We are looking forward to exploring the possibilities for any future collaboration in AI-powered technologies. Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas to share.