Women of Color was a social commentary editorial submission created for ICON Magazine in May 2011. Working with Masai Payan, LUCIMA portrays Dalya Morrow, Suwana Perry and Eugena Washington "chasing the dress" as a symbolic representation of women of color within the fashion industry. The purpose of the editorial was to bring awareness of the infrequent use of non-Caucasian women (particular women of color) in fashion images today. Since the goal of the editorial was to show that there are seemingly never enough dresses for women of color, each image reveals one girl wearing the dress and other two girls sidelined in the background. Our hope is that one day there are "enough dresses" for all our women of color. The concept editorial was shot at the old LUCIMA STUDIO and features models Dalya Morrow (ANTM Cycle 16), Suwana Perry (944 Cover 2008), and Eugena Washington (ANTM Cycle 7). Collaborating with Masai Payan of MASAI FASHION, LUCIMA and Masai created a full storyboard for each frame of the editorial. Makeup and hair executed by Kathleen Ty and Brian Perry respectively. Wardrobe styling performed by Alyssa Chrencik The entire editorial was shot on the Hasselblad H3DII-31. Lighting was mainly a Paul C. Buff 84" PLM with a diffusion fabric over the front of the umbrella and a strip soft box for backlighting. For more images from these editorial please see the Fashion III.

Models: Dalya Morrow, Suwana Perry (CLICK MODELS), and Eugena Washington (LA MODELS)
Wardrobe Design: Masai Payan
Wardrobe Styling: Alyssa Chrencik
Wardrobe Assistant: Mary Cooksey
Makeup Artist: Kathleen Ty
Hair Stylist: Brian Perry
Photography and Retouching: Charles LUCIMA
Photography Assistants: Ren Lara and Kevin Kozicki

Select images from Women of Color