In February 2011 Tinsel Tokyo published the Desert Black editorial featuring photography by LUCIMA. The concept was simple, "What could you do in the a desert with models, designers, makeup & hair, and full wardrobe styling?" We answered with a team of 15 talented individuals and drove 4 hours to shoot in the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) of California. The concept was dubbed "Desert Black" and featured designs by Masai Payan as well as Deanna Richmond. Katelynn Tilley provided a full set of wardrobe accessories as well as styling for the shoot. While our task was simple, the 4-hour drive to Glamis meant that time management was critical to the availability of natural light. To increase our shooting time, Desiree Footé and Nate Siam started makeup and hair-styling on our drive out to the location. Once we arrived we scouted suitable locations for the various looks. Everything was shot on the Hasselblad H3DII-31 with a White Lighting X3200 (1320 Ws) and an Alienbees Vagabond II portable battery. Light modifiers included a 22" gridded beauty dish and an 86" Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM). To increase the colors of the sky, a circular polarizer was used to decrease the exposure of the sky. Click here to see the results from this editorial project.

Designers: Masai Payan and Deanna Richmond
Wardrobe Stylist: Katelynn Tilley
Wardrobe Assistant: Mary Cooksey
Makeup Artist: Desiree Footé
Hair Stylist: Nate Siam
Hair Assistant: Monique Villafana
Models: Amanda Miller, Brett Harmon, Katie Nuzum, and Melissa Kimbro
Photography Assistants: Ren Lara and Greg Clidaras
Organizer: Shawn Arrington

Desert Black