LUCIMA STUDIO is an ever-growing and ever-evolving business that constantly seeks to create strategic long-term partnerships with the right individuals. Here you’ll find a listing of the current positions available at LUCIMA STUDIO.

– All positions are unpaid
– Internships are ongoing and exist without hard dates
– Anyone can apply (especially non-photographers)
– Location for all internships opportunities is LUCIMA STUDIO




Primary role: To seek and create new revenue streams.

Responsibilities: Create strategic alliances (e.g. when I called up Samy’s & Calumet or how I’m currently teaching from NYFA) including but not limited to the education department of LUCIMA STUDIO. Create sponsorship opportunities via current revenue streams (e.g. Profoto, Nikon/Canon, etc.). Maintain and develop relationships with existing and new agencies (photography & talent agencies). Create, develop and maintain relationships with key publications (pursue creation of opportunities for spec. editorials in “brick & mortar” magazines). Recognize and represent LUCIMA STUDIO in key events (e.g. fashion shows, client appreciation parties, etc.).

Prerequisites: Cold calling experience. Good personality. Business background and business experience. A mobile phone with a lot of monthly minutes. Ability to manage a team and be a team player.



PRINT MARKETING aka Paper Machete

Primary role: Leverage existing content to create print media. Understand & penetrate the “Old Guard”.

Responsibilities: Work with The Front Man to identify opportunities to penetrate “The Old Guard”. The Old Guard is any traditional business/organization that is does not derive its business strictly from the Internet. Examples of The Old Guard are brick & mortar print publications, modeling agencies, photography agencies, retail businesses, wholesalers, any old-fashioned organization that would likely require us to leave some published material just to get our foot in the door. The responsibilities of Paper Machete will include leveraging existing LUCIMA STUDIO content to create print content for the above described purposes. These might include comp cards, brochures, mailers, business cards, etc.

Prerequisites: Knowledge and proficiency of print media and print software such as Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher, etc. Provide examples of existing body of work for review.




Primary role: Leverage existing content to create online media. Increase online traffic for monetary conversion.

Responsibilities: Work with The Front Man to identify opportunities to increase presence and value in the LUCIMA brand online. Administer the various LUCIMA websites including but not limited to blogger, tumblr, flickr, ModelMayhem, Facebook, Neo must be able to perform quantitative analysis on web statistics and generate basic reports for understanding online traffic. Neo will leverage existing content created by LUCIMA STUDIO to increase brand awareness and maintain brand integrity in online interactions. Neo will also explore online partnerships and online opportunities for marketing.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of WordPress, HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, basic coding, basic Photoshop, Illustrator, GoToMeeting, etc. Ability to manipulate all things web. Must provide samples of existing work.




Primary role: To document and create video and photo promotional material

Responsibilities: Capture video and photo behind-the-scenes documentation of LUCIMA STUDIO photoshoots. Capture second-camera cinematography during video shoots. Edit and create behind-the-scenes videos. Capture and edit interviews. Work with Neo and The Front Man to create promotional material to showcase on the web.

Prerequisites: Basic cinematography experience. Basic photography experience. Must possess video dSLR (preferably Canon) for capture. Must demonstrate proficiency in editing. Must know Final Cut (not Premier), Adobe After Effects, Magic Bullet, etc.



To apply for any of these internships you should first read these:
Proactive and Disciplined
Conversation with an Intern
I Need an Intern/Assistant
Internship Specifics

And if you still want to apply you should submit an email to with the following information:

– Your resume
– Which position you are applying for
– How many miles you live from LUCIMA STUDIO
– Availability over the next 3 months
– How you’ll survive financially with an unpaid internship over the next 3 months
– Greatest strength/weakness
– Why we should select you
– What you want out of the internship