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Throughout my life, I have always been an educator in one form or another.

From coaching volleyball to instructing clients how to use proprietary accounting software, I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge.

It’s why I share many snippets of knowledge on my blog.

Since becoming a fashion photographer-retoucher I’ve been given even more opportunities to share insights, skills and specific knowledge about fashion, business, photography, and retouching. By combining my corporate work experience in finance with an MBA and MA in Psychology, I am able to glean the secrets of the trade and present them in a way that’s easy to understand. My fashion photography workshops leverage theory and practice equally, via in-depth presentations and shooting our agency models. Similarly my 16-week class for fashion photography masters students at the New York Film Academy employs both strategic marketing with live exercises, leveraging multimedia for self-promotion.

It is my teaching philosophy that the best way to learn is to both grasp it conceptually and then reinforce it by doing.

For me it’s truly rewarding to assist photographers in reaching new levels of understanding, breaking through their ruts, or simply rekindling their passion for beauty in imagery. Seeing the excitement in my fashion photography workshop photographers invigorates me and reminds me why I love teaching fashion photography.

Please see my upcoming group fashion photography workshop and private fashion photography workshops as well as my classes at the New York Film Academy.

Here’s an educational piece on my blog about recent private workshops and how I might help you in your fashion photography journey.

LUCIMA STUDIO on the eve of Magic: Fashion-Editorial Master Class

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