There is 1 spot remaining for the Destination MARS Workshop.

L U C I M A Destination MARS Workshop (Road Trip)
A month ago I read that the Star Wars set of Tatooine still remains in the Tunisian desert. Motivated to find an accessible location such as Tatooine, Rodney and I went on a road trip and quite literally found Mars on Earth. Lava formations, black/red sand, sand dunes, and red rock canyons (some pics below).
And we want to go back.
We will be taking 6 photographers with us and of course wardrobe/hair/makeup/models. We will finally be shooting nudity. I'll also be covering how to create light leaks in-camera, how to shoot nudes with models, and how to manage martian desertscapes. Once you have the right models, the right location, the right wardrobe, then what? How do you create images that others haven't already got? How do you create storyline/concept? How do you execute that storyline with your model? How do you light properly in these locations? These are the questions that will drive the workshop.
For those of you that are lazy. Below is the Cliff's notes version:
– 3-day workshop 
– Wardrobe/MUA/hair
– Shooting fashion nudity 
– Max. 6 photographers
– 2:1 photographer-model ratio
– September 27-29th, 2013
– 3 Martian landscapes
– $2600 per photographer
– Transportation included
Start/End Location
212 Kruse Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016
(will also have local hotel pickup)
Start/End Time
9AM Friday September 27th to 7PM Sunday September 29th
$2600 if registered before September 13th. $3000 thereafter.
$100 Paypal deposit to hold registration. Payment in cash/check due within 10 days of deposit.
*Since there is only 1 remaining spots for this workshop, registration is first come first serve based upon the receipt of the Paypal deposit.
Cancellation policy:
100% refund if cancellation is 2 weeks or more prior to workshop. 
50% refund if cancellation is less than 2 weeks but more than 1 week prior to workshop.
0% refund if cancellation is 1 weeks or less prior to workshop. 
Q: How much time will we be shooting.
A: You'll be shooting for about 4 hours per day.
Q: Where are we going exactly?
A: We'll be in California 🙂
Q: No seriously, where are we going?
A: I will provide full itinerary details to all registered photographers.
Q: Where are we staying?
A: Registered photographers will be booking 2 nights in 1 hotel (location to be announced).
Q: Where should I stay on Thursday night after I fly in?
A: Oak Tree Inn 788 West Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA
Q: Why Oak Tree Inn?
A: It's about $75 a night and where we'll be picking up photographers on Friday morning.
Q: How many hours driving will there be each day.
A: 2-3 hours of driving each day.
Q: Do I have to drive?
A: No. We'll drive you.
Q: So I shouldn't rent a car? Can you pick me up from the hotel on Friday morning?
A: Yes, if you stay at Oak Tree Inn.
Q: How should I get to the hotel from the airport?
A: Photographers flying in on Thursday (9/26) will coordinate to arrive at same time to take the Super Shuttle or Prime Time or taxi.
Q: Where should I stay after we return from the road trip?
A: Oak Tree Inn 788 West Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA
Q: Why Oak Tree Inn again?
A: It's about $75 a night and where we'll be dropping off photographers on Sunday evening.
Q: Will there be an opportunity to shoot an extra day?
A: I will create an optional studio shoot on Monday for photographers that want an extra day of shooting. Different models and additional fee to be announced.
Q: Who are the models?
A: Most likely some of the ones you see on my blog.
Q: Are we shooting different models each day?
A: When you figure out how to get  models to drive themselves 400 miles into the middle of nowhere let me know. Otherwise, no.
Q: I won't have a car. Can you pick me up from the hotel on Monday morning for the extra day of shooting?
A: Yes, if you stay at Oak Tree Inn.
Q: What are we doing in the car?
A: Learning how to shoot fashion nudity (and get models to shoot nudes with you). Learning how to create in-camera light leaks. Learning how to manage Martian desert lighting.
Below is a snippet of my chat with another workshop photographer that includes pictures
8/13/13, 10:21:16 AM: LUCIMA: Lemme show you a sneak peek of the next workshop location(s).
8/13/13, 10:21:33 AM: Sagar: 🙂
8/13/13, 10:21:34 AM: LUCIMA: This is part of the reason I can not release details. I'm submitting the pics for editorial tear sheets.
8/13/13, 10:21:47 AM: Sagar: Oh wow.
8/13/13, 10:22:52 AM: LUCIMA:
8/13/13, 10:23:21 AM: Sagar: Shit. The place looks amazing!
8/13/13, 10:23:36 AM: Sagar: Wow.. Really impressive
8/13/13, 10:23:56 AM: LUCIMA: Lemme show you the rocks. They are lava rocks.
8/13/13, 10:24:26 AM: Sagar: Yes pls!
8/13/13, 10:25:33 AM: LUCIMA:
8/13/13, 10:25:05 AM: LUCIMA: This pic is totally unedited other than a B&W filter in Lr.
8/13/13, 10:25:29 AM: LUCIMA: And the iPhone screwed up the exposure just now.
8/13/13, 10:26:35 AM: LUCIMA: Anyway. It will be a private offering to photographers on the mailing lists and not out on Model Mayhem or Facebook. That way I can still fill the workshop without releasing the pictures to the public so the magazine won't be upset.
8/13/13, 10:25:57 AM: Sagar: Holy f**k.
8/13/13, 10:26:23 AM: Sagar: We have same kind of formations in Tenerife, in Spain… Lava rocks.. But always packed with people… Would be impossible to shoot..
8/13/13, 10:26:28 AM: Sagar: It's very impressive!!!
8/13/13, 10:27:37 AM: Sagar: Man.. Let me know when u know it's sure and final cost, pls.
8/13/13, 10:27:56 AM: Sagar: I think it's wise to keep it "private"… That place is a diamond..
8/13/13, 10:28:52 AM: LUCIMA: That's partially why this location and workshop is secret.
8/13/13, 10:28:59 AM: Sagar: Sure
8/13/13, 10:29:06 AM: LUCIMA: Once the workshop is over the location will be crawling with photographers… will have to get photographers to sign an NDA 🙂
8/13/13, 10:29:20 AM: LUCIMA: We shot here on a Monday and saw only 3 tourists.
8/13/13, 10:29:25 AM: LUCIMA: So it is good for nudes.
8/13/13, 10:29:31 AM: Sagar: Perfect!
8/13/13, 10:29:51 AM: Sagar: Looking forward to it!!
8/13/13, 10:30:46 AM: LUCIMA: The location is very unlike Earth.
8/13/13, 10:30:50 AM: LUCIMA: Very other worldly.
8/13/13, 10:31:13 AM: Sagar: Can I count on you to let me know when everything is finalized? I will for the moment keep the dates free for me. What do u think we would have, 4h shooting a day only?
8/13/13, 10:31:23 AM: Sagar: It's amazing, really.
8/13/13, 10:31:58 AM: LUCIMA: Yeah. 4 hour shooting average. 2 photographers per model. MUA and styling.
8/13/13, 10:32:00 AM: Sagar: Tenerife volcanic formations are unbelievable.. So I guess that is just wonderful.
8/13/13, 10:32:41 AM: LUCIMA: Okay these are retouched.
8/13/13, 10:32:16 AM: LUCIMA: This is unedited too. Just b&w. Gotta clean up the sand on her bottoms 🙂
8/13/13, 10:32:44 AM: LUCIMA: Here is where the volcanic sand touches the dry lakebed
8/13/13, 10:33:06 AM: Sagar: Unfreakingbelievable. Looks like you rented the set from a movie…
8/13/13, 10:33:35 AM: LUCIMA: It's almost like a beach when you're there. The arc is just amazing where the two sand touches.
8/13/13, 10:33:51 AM: Sagar: I can imagine.. Pffff…
8/13/13, 10:34:59 AM: LUCIMA: Unretouched
8/13/13, 10:34:55 AM: LUCIMA: Such a strange and unique place.
8/13/13, 10:35:19 AM: Sagar: Shit
8/13/13, 10:35:25 AM: Sagar: :O
8/13/13, 10:35:35 AM: LUCIMA: Lol yeah. That's how I felt too. Unretouched below.
8/13/13, 10:36:05 AM: LUCIMA: And that's just the beginning. There are yellow sand dunes and orange rock formations for the 2nd and 3rd day.