Advanced Techniques: Improving your Images Rebroadcast

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LUCIMA STUDIO Advanced Techniques Fashion Photography Masterclass


Although the live event has passed, you can purchase the rebroadcast of this webinar below!

You're good but not great. You are missing that "je ne sais quois" that the editors-in-chief, creative directors, and top modeling agents are looking for.

What the hell is "je ne sais quois"? Can you even teach that stuff?

Yes. And yes.

In this webinar I conduct some portfolio review for some of the live participants. Throughout the session, we discover some common issues that many photographers with cropping, composition, lighting discrepancies, post-processing discrepancies, background selection, and stylistic consistency. The theme of the session becomes, "How to make your images better " as I demonstrate in capture and post (Photoshop) how the photographers could have made their images better. A big theme of the day becomes model interaction and how the photographer could have directed their model for better results including but not limited to body positioning, facial expressions, and even wardrobe considerations.

Who is this workshop for? It's for those that actually want to grow/learn/improve. For those that know "there's no such thing as perfect". For those that are tired of being overlooked, at times frustrated with their work, and don't want to be just "good enough". For those that know if they learn one or two advanced techniques that their work would be totally different. But only you can determine whether or not this workshop is for you.


This is a rebroadcast of the live workshop from May 4th, 2014. The payment for the rebroadcast lets you register an account that can access the rebroadcast from indefinitely. So you can watch it as often as you want and as many times as you want (as long as you don't share the video). You will also have all the controls that Vimeo provides; play, pause, fast forward, rewind, HD 1080, etc.

Fee: $299


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LUCIMA STUDIO Advanced Techniques Fashion Photography Masterclass